3 tips to improve the content

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For the last years, the popularity of content marketing is increasing. Today, content is an essential element of any social ecosystem.

It sets a certain storyline brand, revealing its potential and creating a “history” online in the Internet media. It allows you to draw a parallel between the needs of customers and brand policy. It enables employees, partners, and customer service become a tangible part of the team.

Today we’ll discuss the three ways to improve the content, without which, as you know, you can’t go further.

Get rid of the stereotypes

Content marketing is more than just SEO. It’s not enough to retweet the photo you liked or publish another infographic, adding an another site backlink to the treasury. Content must be emotional and bright, should attract and enveloping, so each person who can see it, will love it.


Content is the right hand of your brand. It gives the impression, as well as sets the attitude of consumers towards you. The story is told in a variety of formats of media data from video, photos, articles to the new notes on Twitter or status updates of the profile. In the creation of media data the huge number of people take place, each of which has its unique views, ability, style, pros, and cons, etc. Therefore, it’s important to develop a content strategy first, and only then you should write the content.

The impetus of the content and brand

In most cases, the content, not brand impact on consumer behavior. People reject the message of the brand while at the same time listening to the ideas stated in the content. That is a contradiction.


To ensure that people will have the correct understanding of the brand, it’s necessary to create a particular philosophy of the content. To do this, answer a series of questions:

  1. How does your brand perceive by the media?
  2. How does the Internet community react to the content you created?
  3. What do the most customers tell you? In other words, what do they interested in?
  4. Determine the average efficiency of the content: analyze already accumulated statistics and determine what works and what not?
  5. Exploratory behavior: what keywords does your target audience use when they’re looking for you, or similar suppliers of goods and services?
  6. Technical support: can you write a detailed FAQ, based on the most common customer questions?

The answers to these questions will help you to reduce the chasm of misunderstanding between the brand and the user distrust. If you change the user behavior, you will affect their attitude. And vice versa.

“Think like a media company”

slide-media-companySo Tom Foremski said, the author of the technical blog «Silicon Valley Watcher», bearing in mind that each company is a media company. With this statement, we can agree, but only partly. Rather, by this phrase refers to the possibility that companies use at its discretion. If you don’t want to miss the chance to transform the company ‘from a caterpillar into a butterfly “, the following five tips below are for you.

1. Form a centralized content department. 

It should involve experts in the following areas: marketing, PR, IT, staff workers for the production of branded goods or the provision of branded services.

2. Assign roles and responsibilities among direct and indirect workers of the company. 

Under that we understand your staff, business partners, and persons that make a particular contribution to the development of the brand: charities, newspapers, portals, etc.

3. Break up the content creation on the stages. 

You wouldn’t get the high quality from the performer, no matter how professional he is. From the embryonic state to a conscious age content is not separated by two stages, the order and payment to the author, but four:

  • brainstorming/ideas building
  • an embodiment of the ideas
  • correction/editing/proofreading
  • final publication

4. If the budget allows, create a “project command centers” – temporarily allocated space for the project, where all the necessary materials associated with remote team members will be located. It allows a deeper, intuitive understanding of the problem (for example, customer needs) and solutions take its place.

5. Invest in the right technologies. 

Today, for the gradual creation of content, you can choose a partner by your taste and wallet-sized enterprises.

a) planning and ideas: Kapost, Compendium and Contently;

b) Create, edit and publish: Sprinklr, Spredfast, Expionand Hootsuite Enterprise;

c) Optimization online: Social Flow.

As you can see, there is no limit to perfection. However, even if you’re not a perfectionist, the fruits of a closer relationship to the work process does not take long to wait.

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