6 ways to create viral content

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Everyone wants to have their posts on Facebook popular, and many have heard about viral content. We all went through it: make a post on a social network and hoped that it will explode with “likes”, comments and repost. But received only a silence response.


There are billion users on Facebook and Twitter. They all produce several billion statuses per day. And to see something useful and interesting is extremely difficult because of all this “noise”. So simple uncomplicated (even very interesting) publication within the marketing campaign will not reach its audience. Something must be unobtrusively “screw” in its record, so it would go for a walk through the pages.

Here are six ways to collect as many “likes” and subscribers from the Shareaholic company, which helps to “find” over 200,000 sites in the network.

1) Nothing new required

Seriously, don’t reinvent the wheel. There is no reason to start from scratch – there are proven ways that always lead to the goal. Learn on a trends, copy what has already brought success.

Analyze another’s Publics and pages, make conclusions that posts brought most of the comments and “likes”? Analyze your own and do not hesitate to repeat.

2) Surprise people


… Or make them happy, sad, angry. Let them even become disgusted! Recently, The New York Times newspaper published a study that aimed to identify the factors that make content viral. Guess what they’d found? A close connection between the virus and emotion. Simply, don’t be afraid to hit in the stomach.

Yes, you don’t want to see that your brand had been associated with negative emotions. But the content gets a chance to marketing success only if evokes strong emotions. Here’s, let’s imagine that one man had seen your post and was shocked with new information (never thought that …) He is vital to share this news with his friends, for someone else would be on the same wave with him, shared his experiences.

And if strong emotions inherent in the post title, the cursor with hand reflexively clicked on it to reveal what is hidden further.

3) It’s all in the title


The content researchers went through more than 200,000 websites to find out that more than 27% of visitors come to them through links in social networks.

If you want to have more and more people on your site, make sure that was located decent bait in social networking – a catchy headline with a link attached.

How to write a title for the link to your blog / website? 

Answer 4 questions: what’s useful? What’s new? What’s unique / surprising? Why should it be read now?
If you can answer all four questions at once, then be sure, they will catch on a hook.

4) Don’t tell, but show

2012 showed that the Pinterest website has become the fourth largest source of traffic for a web resources, not social networks. Before that it became known that the posts with photos are earning 53% more “likes” on Facebook, than normal recording.
Whatever was your site about, whatever was your post about, try to find a good and beautiful pictures or photos. Image touches and first presents your topic.

5) Prepare for the guests

If you have already realized it about the presentation in social networks, then prepare yourself for the fact that new visitors will come to your site. They don’t know anything about you, and you need directly from the homepage capture their interest and respect so they’ll fell in love with the site.
Think, for example, how a blog about real estate can make all become fans of this, rather boring, topic and subscribe to his RSS with the whole crowd. If you don’t engage in real estate, then your task is simpler. Go back to the paragraph “2” and go wonder. Let the guests from the first moment understand who they are dealing with.


For guests to linger on a little longer, walking through the site, make recommendations at the bottom of each message on other items. If the user has read one, so it for sure was interesting for him, and it’s likely that similar themes make him stay in your party.

In addition to the recommendations on each pleasant site should be user-tools synchronizers with social networks. It’s so easy just press one button and share with friends this pleasant discovery. It’s so long to copy the link, copy the image, write the text and make a post in the social network. Guest will get bored by the thought of it. And don’t forget about RSS.

Make life easier for your readers and they will make your content viral.
6) Don’t forget about SEO

Each time, making a blog post or a new entry to the site, remember – this is a new page that need to build relationships with search engines. So Google could sell you to free users.

Oh, you know what SEO is, don’t you? Enter some more keywords, arrange them nicely and wait. Elaborates: some more keywords that have a connection with the needs of the people. For example, what is the most frequent query on Google for the topic that you want to cover in your blog? That’s it – this query should be used.

The main plus of this point is no expiration date. You wrote a post about how to make viral content, thus, made a good tour throughout the text with the words “viral content, viral content, viral content” (yes, as I am now, only a little more elegant). After a couple of years, people will be looking for information on how to make this viral content. And the post will float again and again in the search.


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  • Aaron

    You’re contradicting yourself. On one hand you said: “Do not write anything new”, on the other: “Surprise people”. So, after all, what does important?

    • RankSonic

      You’ve misunderstood our article. We advised that you don’t need to create a new theme to discuss, start with something that already brought comments and likes to the bloggers. But as for the content, it should be unique in every single post!