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7 useless SEO operations

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Time is money, so why should you, the site owner or SEO worker, spend it on outdated tactics and promotion strategies? Today, at a time of evolving digital environment, you can forget about the next seven actions.

1. Check the traffic every day
Spend this time on SEO promotion. If you’ll do everything right, you’ll see that the number of visits gradually increase. A bare statistics on almost every user on days, will only prevent you to focus on your work.

2. Controlling the density of keywords
Recently, the ideal percentage of keyword density in the text was 1-20%. As a result, the content was changed using the automated tools to reshape already good material. As in the case of counting visits to the site, it’s better to redirect your energy to create a natural-sounding text, I mean readable and, what is most important – interesting.

3. Classification of articles by category
Earlier SEO craftsmen used tactics of a breakdown the articles by category for the new traffic and backlinks. In time a number of factors made this operation absolutely meaningless. First of all, authors, to protect their own copyright, blocked access to the backlinks. In addition to this, Google removed a lot of article directories from the list of the issued search results since the last updating of the Panda. Thus, it became absolutely unprofitable for the webmaster to use this operation.
4. Buy packs of backlinks
Yes, since the recent update of search Google algorithms, it has become clear that the low qualitative resources sometimes reach the tops of search due to the quantity, buying 10,000 backlinks for, let’s say, $10. You can like the easy path, but much later, where it could lead you? Better to spend hours sifting tons of links to secure a safe future.


5. Always check your rating
Every marketer knows that the ultimate goal of all the work is the high positions in the natural search, but why rush again and again and upset himself? Moreover, being in the Google TOP10 doesn’t guarantee the success of the site. Becouse high traffic is also important to convert efficiently, otherwise the game is not worth the effort. With RankSonic there is no more checking the ranking manually! You can do that automatically in a couple of clicks! Check your search ranking periodically to determine is the selected SEO strategy working or not.

6 Articles generation
In the network There are many advertising of “super effective” program for writing, rewriting and SEO copyrighting, which will help you to save time and money. But don’t fool yourself and Google at the same time! The google will immediately identify thirsting freebies dudes and killed your SEO initiatives on the vine. One qualitative article or guest post can bring a lot more benefit than a thousand identical droid articles.

7 Using the “nofollow” tag for outgoing and sponsored links
Do not need to redistribute important on your opinion content with irrelevant (again, at your option) site’s page. You don’t get a tangible result – ask any webmaster.

If you still do any of the operations above, congratulations: Now you have more time for more important things.

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