Applications for SEO and analytics in Google Play

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Google Play contains thousands of useful applications from Android developers; however, as it’s well-known, not all of them are useful.

For example, when it comes to SEO and analytics, you can use the standard applications such as WordPress and Evernote (they also work on iOS). Try the 11 best applications for analytics and SEO in Google Play (running on Android).

Top-11 analytics and SEO applications in Google Play

unnamed (1) Dragon Go 

If you are jealous of friends who do use Siri for SEO and analytics, don’t worry – Dragon Go app not only fully replaces Siri, but it’s also  free of charge.


unnamed (2) Online Marketing 

Even if you’re familiar with SEO, online marketing, and analytics, you’ll appreciate the help. Online Marketing App costs just 0.99  dollars and provides you with all the information for a successful marketing campaign. There is chat function also.


trello-icon Trello 

This free app is a simple and easy-to-use organizer. The app allows you to create to-do lists, take notes, etc.


aI4xZQRN_400x400 Ad-ology Marketing Forecast or AudienceSCAN 

This free application will allow you to keep abreast of the latest trends in marketing. The application collects all information’s flows –  from Google to Twitter.


Безымянный AdSense Dashboard 

If you are on the road and it’s necessary to check the metrics in AdSense, you should download and install AdSense Dashboard. It  allows you to monitor all essential parameters. The app is free of charge.


ckJ9uf2Z EventBrite 

This app will allow you not only to monitor closely all developments of the city, and to buy tickets, make reservations at restaurants and cafes. In addition, it allows you to keep track all invited to the event organized by, for example, your company. Now find the right partner for negotiations will be easy.


 Google 5qxhymf609p5sizjjqvzDrive 

This widely known application allows you to store all your documents and files in the cloud. Data can be synchronized with the cloud from any Android device.


hootsuite_icon HootSuite 

SEO and analytics to can not live without this popular application. Synchronize all accounts in social media quickly and easily.



unnamed (5) WebRank SEO

This free app is one of the best for SEO. All important metric – rankings, conversion, indexed pages, backlinks, etc. – are included.



ganalytics gAnalytics

This free analytics app is one of the best, as it gives access to all possible metrics and is simple and easy in use.



unnamed SEO SERP

This application is an absolute hit for all SEO, as it allows to carry out a thorough analysis of all aspects of the site, from search rank  changes to interaction with accounts in social networks. The advanced version of the application is $ 6.99 and the standard one is  free.

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