Combining PR and SEO: how to kill two birds with one stone

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SEO and PR – both of these – came from the past, characterized by irresponsible behavior.

Because PR is a more senior industry, it has had time to improve the reputation and self-assertion as a necessary component of marketing for any company. On the other hand, SEO exists less than 20 years and is still trying to become black and white.

PR and SEO

SEO is increasingly beginning to resemble public relations. According to Joe Cardillo, SEO and PR professionals are talking about one and the same, only with different points of view. SEO and PR, tend to stick to their own ways of thinking. In doing so, they can not take the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

SEO experts have the chance to expand the concept of SEO and improve the reputation of SEO techniques by combining the methods of PR.

4 ways to improve your SEO with the help of PR

1. Quality


There is a reason that the experts on SEO sometimes condemned. They tend to focus on a fast link building without worrying about the quality. It is the most noticeable when using infographics with unreliable sources or a catchy title for a remarkable article. Poor infographics associated with the logo of the client detection can cause harm to his reputation.

2. Relevance


Entirely relevant articles for a client doesn’t mean that it’s purely promotional. If the customer is a lawyer, you can write an article about social security in the financial web-site. Not only the content must be relevant to the client, but also a blog or web-site where the content had been published should be attractive for the customer’s audience.

Thematically relevant blogs also increase the number of links to the website of the client.

3. News articles


Apart from the usual articles on SEO specialists can use news of the clients. The topics of this news may include the following: new products, hiring an employee, receiving awards, etc.

There are two additional advantages of using news articles to obtain links. Firstly, news sites usually have a high rating. Secondly, unlike blogs, news sites not as dogmatic against the original content. The press release could be reused across multiple news websites with no problem of writing different content for each site.

4. Relationships Building 


Many companies in the SEO field have already taken steps in the direction of public relations by hiring online PR specialists to build relationships with bloggers, authorities, and journalists. The formula of obtaining high rankings in Google includes a mixture of different types of links (directories, social signals and content).

Since the reference in the content of the article is one of the most powerful kinds of links, forming friendly relations with sites with high authority – is the key to success.


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