Creative Content Marketing: attract customers and their purses

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Nobody doubts in the importance of content marketing. Today, 70% of companies plan to increase investment in content marketing.
So, what would marketers do? How to attract customers and their money? This article will answer on these questions, dispel some myths about content marketing, by presenting creative content marketing strategy, content types, etc.
Marketing-Myths1. The goal of content marketing is to create more content. Quality of content should be in the first place. Quality is more important than quantity.
2. Quality content does not attract users. Quality content provides users with useful information. Such information may not be the most exciting, but its uniqueness and necessity are obvious.
3. Content cannot be used many times. Any type of content is flexible enough to ensure that it can be recycled. For example, any article may be a source of ideas for the blog, video, infographics, etc.

Also, the significant thing in the content marketing is an understanding of good content. In this case, the word “good” is meant not only the quality, but also its popularity. If the content doesn’t sheared in the social networks, we can assume that the task was failed. Work up, so the content become popular and recognizable – it wtat’s Google wants.

The pillars of creative content marketing

1. Search. Find out how the target audience will be looking for content? How easy is it to do?
2. Consumption. What type of social media would be best to use for promotion of content?
3. Action. What motivates your target audience to search for content? What will be the effect of “consumption” of the content? What will be the emotions of the consumer?
5 Characteristics of Fresh Quality Content
Visual images. In the creation of content, it’s important to be inspired by visual images.
Your website. The site can be a source of ideas for the content. During the analyzing of the site’s search functions, existing content, queries and links, it’s important to note what the parties could be improved and what to add.
Staff. Different departments of the company can participate in content creation, especially if you need a specialized article.
Media. Look for ideas for new content in social media: magazines, newspapers, TV, social networks, etc.
Sales funnel. Careful analysis of the actions of a buyer when passing through the sales funnel is a good source of new ideas for creating (and optimization) of the content.

4 successful content types

1. Original and relevant.
2. Multiple. The content must be used in a various formats – from posts on WordPress to videos on YouTube.
3. Sophisticated. Don’t add to the site news you “borrow” from another source. Recycle content so that you’ll add uniqueness and versatility to it.
4. Presence of many authors. The more people, the larger will have a unique content ideas. Better to make content more slowly, but interesting.
The main things in the creative content marketing

Creative content marketing assumes 3 key elements:
– Promoted brand
– Love of the customers
– Creativity

Successful content marketing company involves careful analysis and optimization of the parties related to the search, social networks, content, etc. Any business related to PR, B2B or B2S, must rely on a competent content marketing.

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