Does my website have any Google penalties? How to find out?

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This article discusses the feature in Google Webmaster Tools, designed for webmasters and developers. The function makes it possible to obtain data relating to penalties for breaches of the search engine algorithms.

The Google company announced the release of a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools in August last year, designed to clarify a number of questions relating to the Google penalties imposed on the websites by search engine algorithms. So, web developers, as well as other SEO professionals, don't have to rack their brains trying to figure out was their site penalized or not. The information on this subject can be seen in one of the sections of Google Webmaster Tools.

It's noteworthy that the company has spent a lot of time on the development of the function and delayed its release when there were problems.

What is this feature is and why does Google think it's so important?

Characteristics of the a feature

manual-google-action-1338988422A feature called Manual Action is intended to determine the fact and the reasons for using the site "manual" review. To use it, you must go to the Google Webmaster Tools account, and then go to the Web site that needs to be tested. After that go to «Site Traffic» section and click on the item «Manual Actions».

If the site is OK, you will see a message that the measures against webspam didn't apply.


If the feature detects any violations, the notification about the manual penalties will appear. Besides, you can see exactly which links were taken as spam.

wmt1It's difficult not to agree with the fact that this feature will considerably facilitate the life of web developers. Instead of wondering why the website was penalized, they will be able to focus on the violations. So, Google gives the websites, their owners and developers a "second chance" - an opportunity to deal with the causes of the penalties before contacting Google support for the review of the decision.

What Google thinks about penalties

According to the assurances of representatives of Google, there are only a few reasons why the site can be penalized. They include the hidden text, redundancy of keywords, lower-quality content, spam, artificial links. Don't forget that the presence of at least one of these factors on your website will certainly affect it.

If you used the Manual Action and found the penalty, you would probably immediately have questions regarding when this happened, for what reasons, and what to do next. Nevertheless, the questions may arise in minds of those lucky enough to avoid a penalty. These issues may be related to the causes of the fall of the ranking level without penalization, a request for penalty reconsideration or further updates of your site.

The answers to these questions, unfortunately, this feature doesn't provide. However, the fact that Google is committed to providing us with more information regarding algorithms makes us hope that we'll be able to determine what happens to our websites and what steps should be taken to improve their situation.

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