Five effective ways to visualize the old content

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Every day creates more and more content in the world and, accordingly, people are spending less and less time watching content unit.

Content managers are forced to invent new ways to get consumers every day, to pay attention to the product, service, etc. One of the most effective ways to attract an audience is to render the content. This method is available to many companies. Even if you can not hire a designer or artist, do not worry – there are many methods of how to use the old content.

Methods for visualizing content



Each site has articles that continue to attract the attention of visitors for a long time. Such topical articles are best used to create a comic book. Don’t bore the reader with long descriptions, just create a series of images that are simple and clearly explained the main points of a topic to them. On the market today, there are some free sites to create comics.



Along with the creation of comic books, you can animate the existing content. You do not need to hire specialists, easy to use programs such as XtraNormal or Wideo. Both services let you create high-quality animation, and select the characters, write scripts, record soundtracks, add infographics, etc.


Kodak colour slides

Slides – one of the fastest ways to visualize content. Just create a presentation on the main points have already written articles, and you will be able to attract new readers.

Follow the plan:

1. Choose a date blog post

2. Select 10 key points

3. Create a logical chain

4.  Assemble the slides in your presentation.

Note that you should pay particular attention to the slide’s design.



Doesn’t matter if you like infographics or not, it remains one of the most effective ways to convey the content to users. The main thing should be remembered that infographics built around one key issue or item. Information should be organized logically and not get confused. To create high-quality infographics, You can use such resource as

Quotes from Pinterest; Images of Facebook

Each post on Facebook was distributed over the network with a picture and quote underneath. Therefore, you can apply a lot of drawings and quotations to attract readers and traffic to the same post. The same images can be used to create boards on Pinterest.


Currently, visual content attracts more traffic and social signals than any other. Apparently, companies that want to succeed in social networks should make all efforts for greater visualization and animation of existing content.

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