Gmail Ads Moved to Google AdWords. Overview

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Gmail Ads came into our life a couple years ago and used to be Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSPs). Recently, however, they became integrated into Google AdWords.

Even though it could be not noticeable for customers, this transfer from GSP platform has brought some changes for advertisers. The ones who are familiar with Google AdWords platform will find the switch easy to understand, but I don’t that others will share the same opinion. Today I want to discuss what has changed and what has not.

The changes

This transfer of Gmail Ads to the AdWords platform brought in the wind of change into reporting section, the implementation of the Ads and some features. The main advantage of the renewed system is a more comfortable setting for the targeted audience, simplified reporting scheme of the reporting and fulfillment of the optimizations.

In the updation, the device is called a ‘device’ now, not the ‘client’ anymore. The helpful feature ‘Missed Opportunities’ has been sunk into oblivion.

The new features also were born during this change. Today all users have the ability to schedule the ads that promises to be very handy. Additionally, the old functionality has been renovated, such as a standard bid for device and geography. The streamline launching and the advertising campaigns have been improved.

One more extreamly useful feature is adding the WYSIWYG tools for creating standardized ads. Despite the fact that these tools oversimplify the Gmail campaign, they sometimes cannot provide the same performance as in the AdWords platform.

What has not changed

The user experience stayed the same to the one you underwent before. The updation has touched only advertiser and implementation side.

The target audience hasn’t changed; we are still reaching out to the same people in the same field. The same strategic goals that had been applied to the old GSPs, also fit for the new Gmail Ads.

Two of the new WYSIWYG tools has been created for e-commerce, but still I have concerns about expecting people to use their credit cards.

Even so the Gmail ads is now a part of Google AdWords, I assumed that more and more advertisers will discover the ways to make this work exactly for them. The prices for new advertising campaigns are still quite low, but it will take a great deal of your time to figure out the best plan in the new platform that will help you to achieve the best results. It requires a thoughtful strategic and time to be the most noticeable in the market.

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