Google released the Enhanced Campaigns for business

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Google has released a new service for AdWords advertising platform called Enhanced Campaigns, or simply “Enhanced Campaigns.” The aim of the new service – to help advertisers effectively and easier to manage advertising campaigns.

How do the Enhanced Campaigns work?
The fundamental principle of Enhanced Campaigns is that the service allows the advertisers to show the users the advertisements and banners that they needed. Service sorts banners by time, location, and by used machine and thus allows you to display ads to users when they need it.

Enhanced Campaigns’ advantage is that the service allows you to combine multiple campaigns into one. For example, advertisers do not have to maintain separate campaigns for clients who want to buy a pizza for lunch or at 8pm. Different ads and banners combined into one campaign; that improves the efficiency of the advertising campaign as a whole. Service based on context, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of display advertising. Enhanced Campaigns based on keywords.

In addition the ability to manage a campaign for a variety of banners, Enhanced Campaigns advantage is its function analysis. Many advertisers are satisfied that can receive regular notices about how their campaign and banners work. That allows to increase the conversion. The service allows to keep track customers by time and place, which helps to avoid unnecessary hits.

Disadvantages of the Enhanced Campaigns

Despite the fact that the service Enhanced Campaigns helpful to some companies, it caused damage to others. Contextual algorithms of the Enhanced Campaigns was insufficiently developed. For example, the service unites the PCs and the tablets into one category, which is disadvantageous.

The conversions on the PCs and the tablets are different. As a result, some customers complain that their conversion on the tablets fell to 70%. In addition, advertisers have been unable to carry out a separate campaign for mobile devices in general.

Advertisers believe that the Enhanced Campaigns was missed some settings. For example, they want the ability to create separate campaigns for the PCs, mobile and tablets on different operating systems (iOS and Android). Some companies have already managed to try the approach by category and noted that the conversion increases.

Google’s step to combine campaign for PCs and tablets in one – is incorrect. The tablets are much more mobile than PCs and laptops, so the display of advertisements should be different. However, in the Enhanced Campaigns such a choice is not available.
The disadvantage of the Enhanced Campaigns is also an ill-conceived system of rates for banners. The campaign based on keywords are the same for all the banners. Effective targeting is giving way to an ill-conceived: rates are calculated at the keyword level while their modifiers are calculated at the campaign level, and advertisers are losing control of the campaign. Google makes its rules of advertising that is unlikely to please the majority and will gather protest against the Enhanced Campaigns.

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