Google’s local results shakeup: 7-packs became 3-packs. Part 2 – How to deal with it?

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In the first part of the article, we talked about new Google’s update – 3-pack and what it means for your business model. This article dedicates to your actions. We will discuss what you have to do and how to deal with this Google shakeup.

You’re in VS You’re not in TOP3

Caught a “warm place” in TOP3?

Congratulations! You’ve got a piece of cake! But that doesn’t mean you have no reason to be concerned. Local SEO became the battlefield since people are fighting for the place in the TOP3, not the TOP7. So, naturally the competition increased because everyone want a shot in the new 3-pack.

It’s not the time to relax now. It’s a very dangerous period to overestimated your strength. Because even if you took place in 3-pack that doesn’t mean you will remain there as well. You still need to carry out SEO optimization actions for your local SEO. Because that’s the first thing your competitors will do.

Many companies that were glad to have a place in a TOP3 and have never done any SEO will clearly begin to activate their marketing strategy to go up and displace the rivals from the 3-pack. So, it’s important at least to keep up with your marketing activity.

Felt overboard TOP3?

That’s not the best thing that could happen, but not all SEOs think that way. They think it’s not as bad as it seems at the first glance. Those who used to see their company in the 7-pack will still expose the changes in traffic with the updation to new 3-pack.

Google pushed out a major update, and we are evaluating the new landscape to determine next steps. It’s too early to begin losing our minds. Analyze the pack, test ideas and track the results.

Says Brain Barwig with Integrated Digital Marketing. And he’s right! We’ve seen Google changes before, so may not be permanent, no matter how hard it seems quite the opposite. You shouldn’t underestimate Google in its desire to make their search engine better. Google can suddenly decide that 2-pack or 5-pack is better and change everything again.

Google has a history of pushing out updates and either slowly rolling them back or continuing to tweak the update until results finally settle. There is a good possibility Google will make some additional changes/updates to this Stack Pack, and things will shake out again.

Let’s see some tips how you can get in the TOP3.

Getting in the TOP3: myth or reality? Tips how to get there

Focus on the organic search

It’s gonna be more important to work with so-called “regular” SEO technique than with local SEO for the local business.

Focus more on good solid organic SEO, both onsite and offsite. That will help boost your rank plus even if you can’t make the top three, it will help your organic ranking. Many consultants I work with say top organic beats top local ranking anyway. – Says Barwig.

Please note that it’s better to use “White Hat” SEO techniques that Google approve and admit. So-called “Black Hat” or just “spam” SEO methods won’t give you the long-term success, and Google will also ban your site. And it will definitely not lead you to the 3-pack, don’t you think?

Focus on links

It’s could be surprising, but some companies didn’t even bother themselves with getting the backlinks because they think thy can’t compete with another business. It’s different times coming now.

The good backlinks are an important part of the SE, even nofollowed links. So, do not miss the opportunity to get a solid backlink, whatever it a nofollow or dofollow. You’ll never know which one will serve you best service.

Citation Checking

It’s a very critical point for all business and companies. Make sure all your citations and links are accurate, correct and complete.

My initial analysis started to paint a picture that citations were still important. Make sure your clients are listed on the big directories, are feeding into the data aggregators and that the listings are 100% filled out and correct. – Says Barwig

Citations are critical for the local businesses that don’t have their own website. The Google usually collects the data from the secondary sources if he can’t find the information on the official site.

Marketing campaign

Local SEO is much more than link building or reviews. But most businesses that are not in the super-competitive sphere (law offices, restaurants, shopping centers) were able to feel fine without any SEO or with basic SEO. But they can’t do this anymore. So get used to the idea of investing in the marketing field and don’t forget to hire the SEO professionals!

By following this advice, you’ll have the opportunity to move your business to the TOP3 or gain a firm foothold in the 3-pack! Good luck, guys. Take care!

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