How to choose an SEO company and don’t screw up?

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How to choose an SEO company and don’t screw up? Co-founder of the KISSmetrics analytical service Neil Patel believes that the best way to evaluate SEO attentively, and carefully choose the company that will deal with search promotion.



Today we’ll talk about the main reasons, which is enough to take thought on the dismissal of the SEO-specialist or to refuse the services of SEO Agency.
6 main reasons for refusing the services of SEO-Company from the Nile Patel:

1. SEO-company does not explain the process works

The SEO-Studio, which does not give an explanation of what it does – it’s dangerous. It’s a signal that there are a “gray” or “black” methods of promotion, and in any case – is suspicious. They do not want you to know about it, because there is the chances that you’ll won’t like it.

This work will give you short-term results? Possible.

It will provide results that was promised by the agency? There is a chance.

The use of “gray” methods later hit your site? Definitely.

SEO-experts, who use unethical promotion schemes to bring the site on top, most likely experienced and find a diplomatic, glazed phrases to soothe your suspicion. For example, you are innocently interestes, “So what exactly are you guys doing?”. And they give you an arrogant response, full of obscure technical terms. “Ah, got it,” – you reply, feeling simultaneously doubt, confusion and relief. Although you don’t understand a thing from what you heard. Remember, Einstein said: “If you can not explain something simply, you don’t really understand it.” And for complex technical jargon, unprofessionalism may be hiding. Make your company explain clearly and simply what they do. If they fail, it’s time to be skeptical.

I’ve seen a lot of SEO-companies using remnants of the past – spam technology. They destroyed more than one site, having brought it under penalties. Do not let that happen to you.

2. You have noticed the growth of spam in backlinks

I would advise every webmaster to monitor closely the backlinks to your site. This is an important indicator of the health and credibility of the site. And the influx of “bad links”, as a rule, is a harbinger of a manual penalty.

Guess why there are so many spam not that hard. The most common cause – improper construction of the reference mass than is often abused by unscrupulous SEO-companies. You have to understand, is your agency engaged in the reference weight and if so – what they do for this. If they are responsible for spam in backlinks, it’s time to fire them.

3. SEO-studio doesn’t explain or doesn’t adapt to the changes of the algorithm

The reason that five years ago, many agencies have disappeared from the market – they can’t be able to adapt to changing of the algorithm. But once illegible speach and a lot of a keyword in a stuffing really worked.

How often the search engine algorithm changes?

Head of the Anti-spam search of Google Matt Cutts has already answered this question: “We are making changes in the basic search algorithms at least once a day.”

Most of these changes – minors, but be that as it may, the algorithm is constantly changing and evolving. If your studio doesn’t warn about such changes and can’t change them, consider this a warning.

4. SEO-agency doesn’t report for the work they did

Look for a company that will give you an access to the convenient online monitoring tools, to something like online data tables that are available with your unique login. Some SEO-companies are using advanced proprietary system to which access is given only to their clients. This in itself is a good sign.

SEO is a sphere based on the data. Numbers is the local currency. Every SEO-experts understand the importance of key metrics such as bounce rate, time delay when the page loads, referrals, etc.

You, as the owner of the website, and the customer should be fully informed about every metric that indicates the success or troubles. If the SEO does not give you such information on a regular basis and in an understandable form, consider that they have no longer working with you.

That is the minimum that is worth to expect:

1. Regular reports – at least once a month.

2. On-demand reports.

3. Data collection, analysis and interpretation of the data.

4. Comparative performance reports yoy and mom.

trade2659-1UydhL14159184865. SEO-Studio does not provide strategic consultation

This is important and what’s why. Over the past few years SEO expertise has gone far beyond the links, H1, keywords and tags. Now the area of SEO’s responsibility includes content marketing, social marketing, and even optimization to increase the conversions. If your agency keep quiet about these issues, it’s a reason to doubt in their professionalism. Good SEO-experts give comments not only on their immediate tasks.

To illustrate my point, I’ll give an example. Imagine that you are an online clothing store and you need some help from a SEO-expert. You contact with the agency and the traffic starts to grow, increasing reference base and credibility of the domain. Your site appears in the search results for all targeted keywords. Life is beautiful, isn’t it?

Possible. But is that traffic converted? If your income profit increased since you hired this company? Is there any changes in the conversion? Your agency have to make a comment about how to optimize your site, to increase conversions. This is a strategic consulting. Perhaps they aren’t directly responsible for the conversion rates, but they just have to find an advice what you have to do.

6. SEO-company can do well only one thing

Most companies have their own specialization and this is normal. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have to be able to do everything else. Some «SEO-company” is actually just an agency for link building. And that’s all they can do.

For example, you come to a firm, waiting for help with title tags and sitemap.xml. And instead that, they say: “OK, we’ll help you with the links.” SEO-companies need to postulate clearly that they know and what they don’t know how to do. You, as the customer, will also need to understand it. I knew people who were hired SEOs, expecting them to administer the website or do the design part. I knew the companies, who claimed that they are multipurpose, but what they did – it’s just keyword research.

In an age where for digital marketing all is important, you need an agency, that is competent in all aspects of SEO.

It looks like excessive demands. It is. You can easily filter out 80% of the companies simply drove them to these six criterias. But if you do find a good SEO-company, stay with it as long as possible.

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  • vikramsingh

    It is mandatory to choose the best SEO company.SEO is mainly usefull for small and big online business sites. They have to increase the rank of the website and also traffic of website. Now a days SEO is very popular. SEO is to increase the rank of the website and to visible our website in online. It is also possible that our website is visible in first page of search engines.

  • Tabby

    A lot of things could go wrong when choosing an SEO company, be it in the United States, in the Philippines, or the other parts of the world. You need to make sure that the company you choose will get the job done, deliver results and help you achieve success the way you want to.