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How to win the users’ trust?

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If the purpose of your SEO-campaign is to attract potential customers and increase sales, your first step should be to gain the trust of site’s visitors.

If the user trusts your site, he will decide to buy something, or at least, to leave you his email address with more willingly.

The users that are looking for information on the network rate the reliability of the site, based on one criterion, but users of social networks on the other.

Online searchers are more practical that makes them more susceptible to the signals of the site, talking about its specific opportunities and commercial viability.

First, let’s analyze the basics of building a trusting relationship with the customer.

The elements of trust:

Site users evaluate the following three criteria:

– The success
– Benevolence
– Straightness and comfort

A website that wants to win the trust of the consumers, it’s necessary to demonstrate all three criteria.

People that trust the site is much more inclined to enter an e-mail address or to make a purchase.

Why do users judge by these criteria?

The purpose of the user is to find the right information and at the same time spend minimum efforts. It makes searchers judge the reliability of a website by some specific indicators that reflect the real success of the company behind it.

5 ways to win the trust of users

Let’s see what specific signals can be used:

1. You can put photos/videos showing the size of the company



Office video tour, pictures of staff, the photo of the company specialist, makes a speech at some event or put another information. All these details increase the trust of users to the site, indicating that you have real assets, that you have been in business for a long time, and that you are not going to leave the market.

This type of visual content significantly increases the level of confidence of visitors in the site.

2. Be straightforward and open


The more your site is honest, the easier it will be for the visitors to find answers to their questions, and the more they will appreciate it.

3. Share information about marketing activity


To create the successful commercial business is not easy, and people know it. Detailed information about your beast deals, the story of your market activity inspire seekers to work with you.

4. Provide aesthetic design


The trust of the users to the site is dependents on its appearance. Visitors associate quality and aesthetic design with significant investment of time and financial resources. “If a company can invest in the development of the site some time and money” – think users – “therefore, it also can deliver on our promises.”

5. Make sure you have no errors

Again, according to users’ opinion, the trustworthy company will take care of any possible mistakes. Of course, not every user will pay attention to the grammar and punctuation, so some bugs can still get away with you. But remember, there is a pretty clear verge between minor tweaks and outright illiteracy of the authors.

To gain the users’ trust become more and more significant and challenging task. These techniques will help you to show site’s visitors that your business it worth their attention.

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