In-house backlinks database, new PDF/Xlsx reports, mobile optimized UI

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I would like to present you a great system update which will speed up and simplify your SEO work!

So meet:

1 In-house backlinks database

2 New PDF and Xlsx reports

3 Mobile optimized UI

In-house backlinks database

For a long period of time we have been using Ahrefs as a 3-rd party backlink supplier. But to meet needs of our clients we have launched in-house backlinks database.

At present the module is being beta-tested, the database is filling up so in 30-45 days we are going to have complete mirror of backlinks in the Internet.

In the nearest time Backlinks opportunities option will be launched. You’ll be able to see competitors’ backlinks intersection. It enables you to easily gain new links.

We are waiting for feedback from you! Write what you would like to see in the module – and we’ll do everything! :)
backlinks metrics

all backlinks

New PDF and Xlsx reports

Updated nice and informative reports. In Reports section last 10 generated reports are available to download.

New reports contain a great number of useful data from Google Analytics:
– dynamics of visitor change and page views in absolute numbers and in percentage terms;
– changes of bounce rate metrics, session duration and page views per session;
– comparison of conversion metrics and e-commerce for the current period and comparison of the data with the previous period;
– main landing pages.

And also data about rankings:
– dynamics of keywords change;
– ranking distribution;
– estimated traffic value;
– average position;
– visibility.

Take notice that the reports may be branded – with your logo, to get it you only have to apply White label setting.

All the reports can be set up for automatic scheduled delivery straight to your inbox!



Mobile optimized UI

We have optimized our interface for mobile devices. Take a look at screenshots and give it a try! :)



P.S. If your trial expired and you want to reactivate it – just drop us an email.

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