Keyword Tagging Feature Has Been Launched!

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RankSonic launches the ability to bind tags to the keywords!
It’s useful when you need to mark a group of keywords for further work and analysis.
Let’s discuss the available functionality.
To carry out the grouping (tagging) of keywords you need to go to the project editing:


And then go to the Keywords tab:


In the Keywords tab you can add or delete keywords, assign tags to the keywords, implement the automatic selection of tags for keywords.

Assigning tags to the keywords.

There are two options:

1. One by one. Next to each keyword select existing or add the new appropriate tag.



2. Multiple. Select all the necessary keywords and assign the tag using the Selected button or the context menu (right-click at the mouse). In the popup, enter the name of the new tag or select from the list. And then press Add button:



Selected Tags will appear in the table:


You can also assign multiple tags to each keyword, for example:


It’s also possible to remove several tags in the selected keywords:


RankSonic can assign tags to your keyword phrases itself. Tag Selection will be made on the basis of relevance in search engines. Just click Generate tags button and RankSonic will do the rest.


Let’s look at the example of how tags are displayed in the Rankings Module:


If you select multiple tags in the listbox the AND condition triggers. So you can select multiple objects, and they will be showed in the table below:




In the video below, we’ll show how to group 50+ keywords in 3 minutes. Forget about Excel!


We hope this functionality will speed up your work.

We will be happy to hear comments and suggestions on


Have a great day everyone!

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