PR and SEO: together forever

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Successful SEO is associated with the outstanding content and favorable public relations with advantageous connections. Since SEO is necessary for the prosperity of these connections, and content is a great need for public relations, combine these two areas is a must-do thing.

How does PR affect SEO?


Many PR companies focus on two main areas: on press releases and social signals. Both areas are equally important, but the success lies in the quality of relationships. The most important thing to do is to find the experts in your industry who would be ready to embed the target reference, press releases, and relevant content. Reliability is paramount. In the world of SEO, Google pays more attention to the authorship, and less – keywords. If any journalist who regularly publishes the blog entries about the fashion industry and has a significant range of readers, write about your online store, you will gain an ally.

The power of the press release

Once you have established relationships with competent professionals (which, in general, you have to do constantly), it’s time to master the art of press release. Do not just issue a press release and hope that the contents would be so powerful that the links just will flow. Think in advance how you will motivate his companions at work, and then run the campaign and motivate them in distributing your content.

Write a press release, focused on SEO

First of all, you should think long and hard about the topics that you find appropriate for the press release. Make sure that they are indeed newsworthy, and that they seem interesting and useful to people outside the company. Make sure the title clearly indicates the central question, or your SEO campaign will not go any further. Title of the press release in many cases even more important than the content itself. It’s not just for SEO, but also to motivate someone to give a link back to this site and made users click on it. The subtitle should emphasize the point. Great news release almost always contains accurate quotes the relevant professionals. Do not forget to add a press kit or a link to an image and illustration material. Note that the people who will be referred to you may require a company logo or something like that. Finally, make sure that the company privacy policy, terms of use, contact information, lists of officials and another valuable information is accurate.

Why are a PR and SEO- experts must work together?


Of course, it is important to write great press releases all the time but the content itself is not enough. PR people need to work hard to increase the social inclusion. Today SEO goes around a user-centric and content-rich websites, so the combination of the analytical mind of the SEO experts and social mind of the PR guru is a match made in digital heaven.


SEO and PR go hand in hand. They follow the same strategy – links and social signals. SEO ranking do not reach high levels, without many social mentions and proper PR campaign.

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