RankSonic Major Updates: new data, default search engine, indexed pages and other improvements.

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RankSonic always aims to please its customers; that’s why our latest big update with the newest feature will help you to improve your SEO work, save your precious time and help your business grow!

Now, let’s have a quick look at the key updated features

Site Auditor improvements

We’ve significantly improved and optimized the architecture of the module. Now sites scanning occurs much faster and, at the same time, the web server load of the scanned site became several times lower.

Default SE

The concept of default search engine has been introduced. So, when you open the Dashboard and Ranking module, selected default SE will be the first to open.

When you edit the project, the rankings and search volume for the default search engine will be displayed in the table.


New available data in Ranking module

New columns that consist additional information have been added. You can add columns to the table using the Column Chooser button. image08

Five new columns:
Competition – shows the level of competition in the PPC. Measured values between 0 and 1. The data is imported from Google AdWords.
CPC – the recommended price per click. It’s imported from Google Adwords.
KEI – keyword efficiency index. The higher the value of this indicator is, the easier it’s to promote the keyword in the TOP10.
Calculated according to the formula

KEI = (search volume per day) ^ 2 / (total number of results).

ETV – estimated traffic value. This parameter shows the expected traffic that you can get to your website based on the traffic distribution in TOP10 and search volume.

ETV = search volume * traffic distribution rate.

TR – total results. Displays the number of documents found in the SERP for a particular search query.
Besides, remember that you can always add the Relevant URL column to the table.

Indexed pages in Bing, Yahoo, Yandex

Previously the Dashboard module has the information about indexed pages on Google. Now we’ve added information about all indexed pages in all search engines.

Ranking module and Project editing improvements

We’ve significantly speeded up and optimize the keywords’ arrays. Considering that the speed of UI has been greatly accelerated, it became possible to work with thousands of keywords in one project.

The table retains the data

Now you can always work with the data that are important for a particular project.
For each project, RankSonic individually saves the selected columns state, filters, and sorting. If you open the project after a while, you’ll be able to get back to work at the same spot you finished.

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