Seasonal, event SEO.

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Website promotion is carried out taking into account a variety of factors that affect the popularity of search queries. In particular, the popularity of certain search queries increases with the onset of the season: skis and skates are looking mainly in the winter season, and swimwear waistcoats – in the summer. Website promotion on such queries is called seasonal.

Feature of seasonal promotion of sites is in prediction of the popularity of queries in a given period, and it’s pretty easy. Season always starts and ends at the same time. And, depending on the particular search query, it starts to rise in popularity for one to two months before the season.

Along with seasonal decided to allocate an event promotion – the promotion by the event search queries. What is an event query?

In anticipation of to the onset of any significant events, such as release of the new film or the release of a new device (the iPad, for example), the interest in these events is reflected in the number of search queries associated with them.

Users for some time before the events begin very actively interested in them. Peak of the event requests popularity is usually directly set on the date of the event plus or minus one or two days. At the end of the event the number of relevant search queries very quickly fizzles.

The popularity tendency of the event queries can be traced by looking at the statistics of requests for months in Google Trends, for example query “the World Cup”:

2015-03-30 17_07_11-Google Trends - Web Search interest_ the world cup - Worldwide, 2004 - present
Make it in time to benefit from the popularity of the event queries – this is the task of event promotion sites. Correctly calculating the time of publication of materials on the site, optimized for event-related queries, you can attract a large flow of visitors.

Isolated, as a rule, actual event-related queries and seasonally-event. Seasonally-event requests relate to events that occur on a regular basis, year after year. Such requests may be linked to the annual exhibitions and concerts. Contain, as a rule, the mention of the event and the year, for example, “UEFA Euro 2016”, “2014 Olympic Games”, and so on.

Actually event queries related to the unique events, as those that will never be repeated or may be repeated after a very long period of time. Website promotion on such requests is different from promotion season and event-requests.

The fact is, to predict the beginning of the growing interest of users to a particular event-request is quite difficult. It should be borne in mind that the nature of the event queries should be relevant to the site, which is on its way. That is, for example, you can move up the event-request “Farewell Scorpions tour», but if the site does not sell tickets for the tour, then this promotion is unlikely to be useful for the site.

Event-promotion of sites most suited sites of travel agencies, tour sites, because in recent years the event tourism is particularly relevant – organization of trips to the place of important events and activities. Therefore, it is for travel agencies offering event tourism, the promotion of the website what is belong to them, by the relevant event queries, brings business profit.

Be always in the trend of events, keep in mind that to get good rankings takes time and always be prepared for this in advance. Track the dynamics of your SEO and make the necessary conclusions you can always with RankSonic SEO-platform.

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