SEO customers: the best of the worst

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Support of the SEO area has million faces: updates of the algorithms, keyword density, changes in search traffic and the creation of the outstanding content.
In addition, there are clients who have their own ideas about what SEO is and how search engine optimization can be implemented on their website. Customers come with these prejudices. Sometimes it’s easy to work with such “fruits”, sometimes they require more efforts than usual ones.

Customers who seem “problematic” are not necessarily the ones. They just an extended look at how a campaign runs and cooperation with clients.

How to deal with customers who have ideas about how their SEO strategy should work? The first step, as always, is to analyze the situation and the second is to find the solutions.

SEO clients species



Situation: THE CLIENT is the owner of a local company, who had a great desire to start search engine optimization. He left the application to a particular firm SEO. But then he simply lost the enthusiasm and stopped responding to phone calls or e-mails from the company.

Solution: THIS CLIENT is the owner of the company. It means he can be very busy and cannot find time to meet with a representative of an SEO firm. In this situation, you need to make an effort to fit into his schedule and arrange a meeting with him. Remember that he is a busy kind of man, so you need to act quickly and efficiently. It’s also necessary to ensure that the client understands the importance of the provided SEO services.



Situation: THE CLIENT is a marketing coordinator at a local corporation. The client wants to approve every single change of the site. This situation creates a problem because the work will take more time for the approval of the changes.

Solution: THE CLIENT’s request to participate in the SEO campaign makes sense. You just need to change the way you interact with him. In other words, you need to prepare and discuss with the client what your firm is going to do in the next month. CLIENT must feel himself as a part of the team. Thus, he sees his importance for the success of the SEO campaign.



Situation: THE CLIENT is a vice-president of the international company and has a need implement SEO techniques. He decided to use your services but has more than enough ideas in this direction. New ideas are not standard, so there is no guarantee of achieving a positive outcome of the SEO campaign.

Solution: You just have to be honest with yourself and with THE CLIENT. SEO Firm is not intended to offer free services. In this case, it’s necessary to review the relationship with the customer. It’s important to explain to the client that the SEO firm has the skills and tools to achieve the desired result. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to terminate the relationship with the client in this particular direction and to consider other ways of interaction, such as the redesign of his website.



Situation: THE CLIENT is a business owner, who lives in another region. The client hired a particular SEO firm because he has a positive information about it. The customer just wants to get to the TOP in the SERP and doesn’t care about how it will be done.

Solution: It’s necessary to communicate with THE CLIENT as many times as possible, without forgetting that the customer reserve the right to make the executive decisions for the SEO company. This client is one of the best customers the SEO firm can wish for. Therefore, you need to ensure that the client understands that the search engine optimization takes time, and his website cannot be number one in the SERP tomorrow. It’s necessary to inform the client of the weekly updates, even if he does not respond. It will indicate that the SEO firm is interested in this client.

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