Services in the help for SEO-dudes

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Every SEO-developer certainly has his own set of tools and services that help to cope with the work. It can be a variety of plug-ins or applications that you may have use once a year, but they help you a lot, right?

The value of the services should not be underestimated

For the successful sites promotion, you just need to use various aids. Such aid can be software, services, applications, plug-ins, and bookmarklets. Each of them serves a particular purpose, but ultimately affect the success of the campaign and the work as a whole. It would be nice if all the SEO specialists shared with each other their favorite tricks, plug-ins, bookmarklets, and services.
Then, instead of the usual list, you could create an enormous list of resources, the whole SEO-community, so each of us would be able to consult with them when needed. Here are some services that will be useful in your work.

Services that facilitate your work

1.  Scraper extension for Google Chrome is an exceptional plug-in that will save you time. It automatically compresses any desired item and adds it to the Google document. The Scraper can be used to compress and store websites and page titles, and it’s very simple to use.

2. Option «Text to Columns» in Excel will help you to extract the root domain of the URLs of backlinks. You need to select the column that contains URLs, select the “Data” menu and click on the option “text to columns”. Instead of the default function “Tab option” choose “Custom option” and add a “/”. You can read more about it here.

3. You will undoubtedly enjoy Kindle Bookmarklet function. It allows you to save any webpage that you like and want to read later on your Kindle device.

4. With the help of bookmarklet form AJ Kohn, you can quickly test the advanced snippets.

5. Allocation of URLs and keywords using filters is another indispensable thing. Any word, letter or number can be found using the following formula:

= if (isnumber (find ("filtertext", A1)), "Yes", "No")

6. Want to know how to detect the presence of the tag rel = “canonical” on the page? Look at the address bar, you’ll be able to see a small blue icon.

7. Quickly create screenshots with the help of Jing. Jing is a free and easy software for creation the screencasts and screenshots. The program makes a screenshot and immediately download it to the URL.

8. LinkOpener provides the ability to open links simultaneously by one mouse click. Each site opens in a new tab.

9. Bookmarklet Google Cache. Use the code

«javascript: location.href = 'http: // Q = cache:' + location.href»

you can view the cache of any page.

10. Export keywords to GA. To change the number of keywords that can be exported to Google Analytics you can by changing the URL. Just replace the number “500” at the end of the address bar (Count% 3D500 /) on the number you need.

11. Ubersuggest allows you to select quickly and easily the required combination of keywords. You enter the word, and service displays a list of possible combinations.

Perhaps many services you’ve been already actively using, but we hope you’ll find something new for yourself in our list. 

What kind of services do you use? Please, share in comments.

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