Several ways to involve user-generated content

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Creating a new content is a costly process. Most marketers say that consistent influx of the content – their main task.
However, not only the companies themselves but also the users could create content. The so-called “custom” content can have a great importance for B2B companies.
Ways to bring user-generated content:

1. Contests

contest shouter

Contests are ideal for attracting potential customers. Although for some companies the competitions is not the best solution, they are available for everyone. You can create such contests:

  • Who will create the best video and post it on YouTube with the correct tags?
  • Who will post the best photo on Twitter?
  • Who will write the best poem about the company?
  • Who will create the best video about the company?

This list is endless. Make sure that the website or Facebook page framed for competitions. The main thing is that the users have generated enough content for website promotion. This content can be used in blogs and social networks.

Last year, the American Red Cross created a website, whose purpose – to tell people what to do in case of apocalypse. Site contained the content about the Mayan calendar, The end of the world, etc. The site has become a popular and attracted a huge amount of user-generated content through the competitions.

2. Online Community


Creation of special sites for reviews, ideas and comments of customers is the “gold mine” of the user-generated content. Anyone can leave a comment, share their concerns about the product, etc. For example, a Starbucks site not only attracted the user-generated content, but also became a source of ideas for the company.

Another good example would be the site of Breast Cancer Answers. Anyone can ask a question and get an answer of the specialist. Users can post videos, lead discussions, etc.

3. Reviews

Time for Review

Reviews – most popular type of user-generated content. Do everything you can to prevent users write more reviews about products and services. Contact with users by email and through the social networks. If the product is qualitative, the user will write a review.

4. Cooperation with customers

Closeup of business people standing

Loyal customers can benefit any company. If cooperation is beneficial for the company, it should be used. Ask users to participate in the advertising of goods and services, write some reviews, etc. If the client has a useful business (website, blog, interesting content), sign a cooperation agreement.

5. Mutual ads

When a user creates content for the company, it promotes not only the company, but also himself. For example, if a user is involved in the competition, it’s beneficial to share content with friends and family that will attract new customers.

The сonclusion

Marketing is not without custom content. Use every opportunity to force users to create content. Cooperate with them in all directions. Content marketing is important, therefore, user-generated content will not be excess.

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