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The future of content marketing

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Content marketing – i.e., the use of high-quality content to attract customers and increase sales – considered the future of the whole marketing.

Content marketing

Companies that have their own blog get 55% more traffic and 70% more disabilities than companies without one. Content marketing is a much cheaper way of marketing than alternative forms of marketing, such as advertising.


Marketers now have to spend a quarter of its budget for marketing and content, according to a recent survey of more than 70% of companies reported that they plan to continue to increase this figure in 2013. Content marketing – it’s not just a fad, it’s important.

In this article, we will discuss five trends that are likely to expect content marketing over the next five years. Tendencies of the content marketing
1. The creation of your own content will be developed.
As businesses realize the importance of high-quality content, they increasingly begin to create content through their own efforts. The attraction of the outside writers and payment for their services will remain in the past.
2. A short content will be replaced by a long content.
Content will become longer and more meaningful. Neil Patel (Neil Patel) wrote a post on Quicksprout why the content length (2000 words or more) is preferable for Google in comparison with short content.
It is not about the fact that Google determines the long content more valuable than short content, but because longer content generates a lot of links and clicks through social networks than shorter content.
3. The proportion of visual content will increase
If the content is king, what is a visual content? Who has more power than the king? Emperor?
Facebook and Google+ higher evaluate posts that contain images. The image can “say” a thousand words. If you think about the types of content that people often communicate in social networks – photos, videos, YouTube, infographics, etc. – these are the components of the visual content.
4. Targeting will be narrowed.
Any marketer will tell you that the targeting – is the key to success. Each time you create a new content, you should keep in mind a particular target audience. Targeted content – is a content that works correctly.
5. Software for content marketing will become more complicated.
Content management systems currently simplify the task of publication and content changes. In the future, these systems will be developed, including more opportunities for creation and distribution of content.
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