The meaning of reviews

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It’s obvious that Google begins to consider a priority to using the reviews. It’s about bridging the gap between the social Internet and e-commerce, where sales became social themselves. It’s enough to pay attention to the regularity of the sales in the communities on the sites such as

The importance of reviews:

1) The value of the reviews for e-commerce
External reviews are valuable, and many small companies are encouraging their customers to share their opinions about the service or product on sites such as Yelp or ResellerRatings. It’s a great idea for small businesses, as customers are more likely would leave a comment when they will have a positive experience. In the case of many large enterprises,  customers forming feedback in the case of dissatisfaction.


2) The risk of fake reviews
Some companies prefer to buy fake reviews. However, this is a mistake because Google is working hard to suppress this phenomenon. In addition, the majority of customers are now able to recognize fake reviews.
Companies can offer free samples of the goods or services in exchange for an honest, high quality written review. Many bloggers will form the reviews on their websites where you can easily make a link.

3) Reviews through research
There are websites that use extraneous research to find information about the user experience. It is usually performed with the help of such services as Trustpilot or Foresee.
However, thу using of such method is controversial, and many small businesses see it as a risk to the brand.

Customers don’t like to see pop-ups at the end of the buying process or during the site’s downloading, and they consider them annoying and unnecessary.

Conclusion about the importance of reviews
Nowadays, the reviews are profoundly essential for Google. However, there are right and wrong ways to use this tool called “reviews”, so you must take care about not to make the wrong move in this direction.

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