The risks of Search Engine Optimization

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No successful business work without risks. If you are not willing to take risks, then you will most likely miss many opportunities but if you realize them, you would be able to succeed.

Search engine optimization is like any other business requires a justified risk. You should understand that the risk does not imply an acceptance of sudden rash decisions.

On the contrary, the risk is to understand that losing is possible, but the chances of this minimized.

So, What risk in search engine optimization do you can go, and what not?

You can take a risk in SEO

If you do accept the risk, you must understand that you can lose control of the situation, the plan may fail. The risk is only a possibility. When it comes to SEO, it’s worth the risk for the following:

1. Hire a writer without experience in SEO. 

Of course, any professional writer or a copywriter is not trained to write about search engine optimization. Search engine optimization – is not an easy subject, but it does not mean that the writer can not get into the swing of things. Don’t be afraid to hire a good writer, even if he is not versed in the subject.

2. Change the design of the site. 

As a rule, people are afraid of changing because they think it can scare readers, hinder the SEO by indexing bots, to break the source code, to lose traffic, etc.

However, if you’ll change the website and the design will fail, you can roll back easily enough. Don’t be afraid to take that risk.


3. Hire a specialist to work with social networks. 

Despite the fact that this is an entirely new specialty market, demand is rapidly growing and more “experts” in trying to reach its success.

Interviews with candidates should include an assessment of how much he/she understands how business works in the social networks, how to work with content, etc. Remember that the presence of multiple accounts doesn’t make one an expert.

If you take that risk, you can get the advantage of the “fresh” market area. Even if the experiment fails, the loss will be minimal.


You can not take risks

As they say, nothing ventured – nothing gained, but sometimes it is really not worth the risk. I don’t recommend you to risk in following:


1. Do not hire an outside writer/copywriter. 

Writers or copywriters should work only for you. Don’t mess with freelancers, because it threatens plagiarism, low-quality content, double-outsourcing, etc.

In general, you may get lucky, and you’ll find a good freelancer, however, don’t rely on them: they only lose money, but you lose the reputation.

2. Don’t use cloaking, “black» SEO, keyword stuffing, etc.

“Black» SEO and other illegal practices should not be applied. It’s an unnecessary risk that could lead to the ban from Google, the loss of traffic, search engine rank, etc.

3. Wise to the original coding.

Fit the coding site under it’s requests can seem the perfect solution for all problems.

However, working with the codes is much more complicated than it seems. If you are not a professional designer, don’t try to work with the source code to assign tags, to index the content, changing domains, etc.

Error in the encoding can cost you a lot, so it’s best to hire an expert for such work.

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