Tips from writers how to create a good content

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Today, almost every writer have a personal blog. Many writers began their careers as bloggers, and it’s not surprising that writers write most exciting (albeit not the most useful) blogs.

Every writer’s blog has a “voice” that gives it a key advantage over rivals.

Create content like writers

Writers – non-professional bloggers and marketers, and, therefore, their blogs differ from the “polished” professional blogs. Here are some tips from the authors.

– Create scenes, plays with the imagination. 

To interest the reader, you may need a detailed description of the scene in which the event took place. Use your imagination and create a beautiful picture for the reader.

Allow readers to feel the involvement in the event. For example, if you’re trying to sell something, describe how you can use a product or service. Concentrate on a description rather than the product itself.


– Create characters. 

Usually, brands suppress bloggers, and they can not write from the heart.

Create characters and gives them their character and emotions. It will allow you to write “real” blogs, as well as to make the reader empathize with your character. The tiresome subject of the blog, the greater the need for invented characters.

– Embark in a journey.

Each item can be a kind of story with characters and a plot, so you have to write it so that readers would like to read the sequel. Your content must be for them a kind of journey on the topic and not just an obligation.

– Use your imagination. 

If you want to write creative content, forget about all the rules and tips, search engine optimization, etc. Awake the imagination and create a fantasy world in which cars can fly and talk to animals. This tactic will help you to  achieve the greater uniqueness.

– Be natural.

Verified and subtract content often loses its popularity for readers becoming too standardized. Do not be afraid to show their weaknesses, be natural, it’s more important than ever.


The content should be creative because it’s the creativity makes it unique and interesting for readers.

The above-described methods, mabey not always, but still help bloggers to achieve the greater naturalness in dialogue with readers.

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