Twitter Officially In Google Desktop Search Results

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On August 21st, Google’s officially announced that from now on they’ll be displaying Twitter content in the desktop search results. Google put an update on its blog post and tweet about it on Twitter.

Back in May, Google has begun experimenting and show the content from Twitter in mobile search results. But now all English language users will be able to see the same on desktop SERP all over the world.

You will see the tweets only if Google thinks that they are relevant to your search query. Google also stressed that decision to display Twitter content doesn’t connect with advertising.

It’s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening. And it’s another way for organizations and people on Twitter to reach a global audience at the most relevant moments.

Here are some examples what I see in the desktop results:





Also, content from Twitter in SERP can be shown among another relevant pages:



Here is how results appear in mobile results:


Twitter and Google assured that  no direct money involved. If you are about to ask what Twitter gets from direct clicks, it’s easy to say. It’s all about traffic! Users don’t need to have a Twitter account anymore to see the results or click on them. You just will be encouraged to sign-up for the Twitter or download the app:


If you already have the app installed ans set, you’ll see the twitter results right in the news feed.

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If you click on a single tweet, you’ll launch Twitter from Google’s SERP.

It’s a great news to all business owners because they can count on more traffic to their Twitter social page. So, follow us on Twitter – @rank_sonic. See you there!


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  • Matt Matheson

    Great news! Twitter is increasingly gaining in popularity and it’s really
    useful update. This is the great for searchers and readers.

    • RankSonic

      Yep! Follow us on Twitter – @rank_sonic!